Tom Behan


Favorite Quote
“What’s right about America is that although we have a mess of problems, we have the great capacity—intellect and resources—to do something about them.”
—Henry Ford II

Company Role

Tom’s role with B.B. Graphics is to handle all of the material purchasing for the team. Whether it’s binders for a project, printer ink or 3M large format material for vehicle wraps, Tom is in charge of it.


Diploma in Business Administration, numerous Industrial Manufacturing classes, Dale Carnegie Course, Dale Carnegie Class Assistant, extensive training in real estate and property management.


Family fun with wife, children and grandchildren; Fishing with grandchildren, walking, exercising, golf (occasionally), doctor’s appointments, Prison Ministry serving Coleman Federal Penitentiary and Tomoka State Prison

Fun Facts

At age nine, Tom had the largest collection of liquor advertisements in New Jersey. Wrote letters to liquor companies requesting some items to advertise their products for a new bar. After sending the items, a few salesmen tried to follow up to sell their products, but, had a difficult time finding “Tom’s Bar” at the address of his home.